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GPS Episode 58: God of War, Valve Buys Campo Santo, Destiny 2 Warmind


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Episode 58 of our gaming podcast, The Gamer Pros Show (GPS), is now live! This week we are having our first in-depth discussion about God of War, which stands as one of PS4’s best exclusives. It’s amazing to see what this franchise has become and how it has matured with its audience.

Perhaps our biggest news item this week is Valve acquiring the Firewatch developer Campo Santo. Gabe Newell previously announced that Valve was going to be in the business of “making and shipping games again“, and this seems to be their first move. We found this to be particularly interesting since they’re essentially acting as a publisher in this case. Rather than developing their own games (which they are likely working on now), Valve could be curating a lineup of games that are meaningful or worthwhile to them. Very exciting!

In our “weekly battle royale check-in” news segment, H1Z1 is finally coming to PS4, after being a hit on PC and Twitch for years. It’s interesting to see things full circle, since Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene worked on the game’s King of the Kill mode, which he would later evolve into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Speaking of PUBG, the desert map Miramar is now on Xbox One in a test version of the game. This second map will be implemented into the live game within a few weeks.

We’ve talked many times about the state of Destiny 2 and why it was ultimately a disappointment for us. Its new expansion, Warmind, was officially revealed this week, but it unfortunately does not look significant enough to bring us back. Curse of Osiris, the first expansion, was met with mediocre reception and Warmind appears to be on a similar level, from what we have gathered from the stream.

The main topic this week is God of War, which has taken the video game world by storm. It’s a beautiful narrative experience, complete with great gameplay, world-building, and gorgeous scenery. This is a franchise that dealt with extremities, both in its violence and sexual nature, but has reformed itself into something far more mature. It’s interesting to reflect on the ways that God of War as a franchise has grown up and how Sony Santa Monica were able to redefine who Kratos is as a character. Next week, we will have our God of War spoilercast, where we will talk about our favorite moments and what the game means to us overall.

We hope you enjoy the show. Thanks for listening!

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