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Yes, We’re (Almost) 100% Positive We’ve Figured Out the Location of the Elder Scrolls 6


There’s no doubting that Bethesda dropped the bombshell on us at E3 2018! Not only did they reveal and finally confirm that Star Field was indeed real and pretty far along in development, but at the tail end of their press conference, Bethesda Game Studio’s very own Director Todd Howard announced that The Elder Scrolls 6 is in the works!

At first glance the short teaser trailer that they showed didn’t look like much, but as Howard stated later on during an interview, the Elder Scrolls community is notorious for picking things apart and figuring things out from the tiniest of details. And that’s exactly what we’ve done. After analysing this teaser extensively we are positive that we know where we are headed to next in the Elder Scrolls 6.

The First Clue

When the Elder Scrolls 6 teaser starts, we are taken on what appears to be a South-Western trajectory while moving through some fog and lightly snow covered valleys. The reason we came to this navigational conclusion was by looking at the shadows being cast by the buildings. The Sun seems to be in the west. With the continent of Skyrim being mostly covered in snow this would make sense considering the first thing we really see is snow. The trailer seems to be leaving Skyrim and moving on to the next unexplored territory. Coming south-westward out of Skyrim leads to two possible locations. First is High Rock, home of the race of peoples known as the Bretons, and the north-western most region of Tamriel (Tamriel is the name given to the Super-Continent in which all of the Elder Scrolls games take place).

The second location is Hammerfell, which borders High Rock to the south, and Skyrim to the North-East. Hammerfell is home to the dark-skinned race known as the Redguards. High Rock is a relatively small region with plenty of coast line, forests, and mountains. Hammerfell on the other hand is a massive region that is made up by coastlines, vast mountain ranges, grasslands and even some areas covered by desert sands. From my analysis High-Rock doesn’t seem to be the likely destination, although the game may end up letting us explore some of the border regions with the probable destination, Hammerfell.

A Missing Piece

The only town that matches the landscape shown is Azra’s Crossing!

As we emerge from the canyons and the beautiful landscape opens up, the coast and tall mountains make up most what we see. But look closer to the left and you will see a decaying tower of a hold or castle that has long been destroyed, sitting on the edge of what seems to be a massive crater. This is a massive clue. If we go way back to 2004 and visit a game titled The Elder Scrolls Travels: ShadowKey.

During this game you come across a town called Azra’s Crossing. This town is located just on the Hammerfell side of the Hammerfel/High Rock border. Azra’s Crossing is the starting point of ShadowKey, and is named after an extremely powerful mage named Azra Nightwielder. The funny thing about Mr. Nightwielder is that he practiced a certain type of magic known as Shadow Magic, which he himself created/founded and pioneered. He succeeded in combining all of his existences in shadow and became scary-strong. He was feared by everyone that both knew him and came into contact with him. In fact he was so feared that a group of Redguard soldiers surrounded Azra in a stupid attempt to destroy him. During the battle that ensued, something went terribly wrong. Azra Nightwielder lost control of his magic, and as he was becoming overwhelmed by soldiers he blasted a hole in the ground and disappeared in an attempt to escape. When the dust settled a giant crater lay open in the ground and a small town began to gather around it in Azra’s honor. That village or the remnants of that village are what we see in the trailer, sitting high above a crater created by magic.

Azra Nightwielder himself

Final Nail in the Coffin

Satakalaam is a small coastal town in Hammerfell

The next piece of evidence is way down on the right hand side. There is yet another city, and when we reference a map of Hammerfell and find Azra’s Crossing we can go right to the coast and see that another town does indeed exist. This town is called Satakalaam. Out from the city of Satakalaam, there are three peninsulas jotting out from the coast, each bigger than the last.

The town is located just before the three peninsulas, and if we go back to our map we can see that the settlement is sitting right where it should be and right before the three massive chunks of land reaching out into the sea. Lainlyn is another city on down the map, but it us out of sight in this trailer.

The Conclusion is Pretty Obvious 

The entire teaser trailer shows the part of the map that is circled!

There you have it. We believe this is irrefutable evidence that proves that we will be travelling to Hammerfell in the Elder Scrolls 6. You can check these claims with any map of Tamriel and come to the same conclusions.

So, do you agree? Or do you have some other theories? Let us know in the comments section below. And for all of your Elder Scrolls and Bethesda news keep yourself dialed in to Gamer Professionals.