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Logitech G915 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

The Belle of the Ball


Logitech’s at it again, with a new keyboard in their premium, high-performance lineup. Quite frankly my baseline expectation is, “I’ve used these products for six years now and I’ve yet to be disappointed.” When they said it was a 900-series product, my expectations went even higher.

Well, that beauty is out in the wild now – the Logitech G915 wireless mechanical gaming keyboard, complete with RGB, Lightspeed wireless, and Bluetooth connectivity. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, too, as Logitech completely redesigned the product from the ground up, making the product as thin as possible. Now, if you follow Apple at all, you’re probably groaning and rolling your eyes given their recent struggles with their ultra-thin MacBooks and MacBook Pros. The G915 is actually thin but done right.

From a design standpoint, the G915 is magnificent. It is thinner than the diameter of a dime. It has a brushed aluminum and magnesium top case similar to the G512 and G513 keyboards. There’s a waterfall-style volume wheel that feels incredibly smooth in its usage, and just underneath it is your media buttons and a ten-key number pad. Also included are your G macro keys and multiple profiles that can be configured in the Logitech Gaming software app.

Using this has been an absolute joy. Logitech, for this keyboard, have opted to use Kailh low-profile switches. I’ve spent a lot of time on Romer G switches and Cherry MX switches in the past, so my hesitation was a bit natural because I had never really heard of this switch manufacturer. My last few keyboards that I’ve worked with have involved low-profile switches and coming from a MacBook pro with the butterfly switches, I feel that I’ve at least seen much of what the spectrum has to offer, which can feel too thin at times. The keys are beveled, making each key feel individualized, for lack of a better word. One of the latest keyboards I’ve picked out was the Cooler Master SK650, which has low-profile switches that are all flat. There’s no concavity to them, and it felt like I was making more typing mistakes. The G915 has those concave keys which makes it easier to feel what keys I’m pressing. The Kailh switches, however, are just right in terms of actuation, noise level, and feel. The actuation is about half the distance of a standard Cherry switch, the noise level reminds me of a slightly quieter GX Blue, and the feel is just right without being mushy. [Note: The G915 comes in a linear, tactile, and clicky switch style. The keyboard I primarily reviewed is the clicky switches variant, and they differ somewhat in their feel and noise levels.]

The Logitech G915 is powered by a lithium-ion battery that runs for 30 hours. These 30 hours, however, are the time it takes to drain the battery at top performance. 30 hours running the lighting at full brightness and settings. The battery is much more dynamic based on the settings you actually use, and these settings are adjustable in the Logitech Gaming Software application. The keyboard will automatically fall asleep after a set period of time, and all it takes to wake it back up is a key press. No need to turn it off and back on. I’ve been able to work remotely on this clinical rotation, more akin to an office setting, and so I’ve been able to spend a good bit of time playing with the keyboard while doing that work for several hours a day, and I’ve still not had to recharge yet. For reference, though, I’m also running it about half-brightness.

The Logitech G915 is the extreme end of the bell curve in their product lineup, and that’s even more defined by its price: it sells at $249.99. At a price like that, my expectation is that the product has to be phenomenal. Seriously, this product must have all the bells and whistles that its competitors have and have improvements on top of that. That’s the key here: improvements. With the design, new switches, and different ways to connect like Bluetooth and Lightspeed wireless, the Logitech G915 is, without question, not just the best keyboard in their lineup of products, but the best wireless keyboard on the market to date. Of every 900-series product the company has unveiled since their inception, this is by far their most magnificent product. I have high expectations from Logitech, especially in a 900-series, and they delivered in spades. If you’re balking at this $250 entry point though, you should not be, because there are many other quality products that Logitech offers in their keyboard lineup that should suit any price range. If you want to slightly decrease the price point but still have access to the “bells and whistles” model, there is a wired version of the keyboard that maintains all of the same features but, well, it doesn’t connect wirelessly. The joy of their lineup is that even in a budget or “mid-line” range, they still hold up very well against their competition. But for the ultra-enthusiast or for someone who wants to get a top of the line product that will overall enhance their experience, the Logitech G915 is the keyboard to get.